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Ninfea Body Line
Excess Fluid

Ninfea Body Line. Aromatic Halocosmetics® line

Particular cosmetic branch which uses the power of salt (“Fleur de Sel”), of the essential oils and the algae (seaweed). The synergy of these powerful actives leads to highly effective cosmetic products for treatments to combat:
Excess liquids, Cellulite and favor: Reshaping and skin detoxification

Against the imperfections of Cellulite

Against the imperfections of excess liquid/cellulite

Here are some of the components which will reshape you:

  • FLEUR DE SEL: acts effectively on excess liquids and drains at the same time
  • BIRCH EXTRACT: specific skin tissue detoxification
  • ALGAE: acts deeply for with focus on elasticization
  • SAGE EXTRACT: well-known anti-oxydant

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Ninfea Body Lines

Made in Italy

Aromatic Halocosmetics® line

Why does it work?It is a synergy of absolutely functional components

Essential Oils

The essential oils are powerful elements wich have an elevated ability to penetrate into skin’s structure due to their low molecular weight.


Algae (Seaweed) are among the most interesting actives for the metabolic stimulation and especially for increasing the drainage of excess fluids.


The properties of salt as antibacterial, immune defense stimulator, remineralizer and powerful drainer have been rediscovered, but are known since ancient times. Fleur de Sel is the highest expression of these characteristics.

Florentia Cosmetics

Ninfea Body Lines

Made in Italy

Aromatic Halocosmetics® line

Why does it work?It is a synergy of absolutely functional components.

Salegel Plus

200 ml – 6,76 fl.oz

Concentrated gel, extremely effective for soaked tissues tending to cellulite. The new complex of actives including Fleur de Sel, Centella Extract, Ruscus and specific molecules of sea origin contribute to the filtering of body tissues, reducing excess fluid. The content of particular enzymes renders this product suitable also for advanced stages of cellulite. Absorbs quickly, pleasant and easy to use.

Fleur de Sel

The Fleur de Sel is the most precious part of of sea salt. This delicate “white gold” gets collected by hand from the salt worker and is rich of magnesium, potassium, calcium, fluorine and is a mine of cosmetic actives!


500 ml – 8,45 fl.oz

Inedited preparation of Fleur de Sel and purest micronized Algae. It is a “compress pack like fango” but entirely composed by powerful ingredients which drain, stimulate, restore body tissues. The synergy of Fleur de Sel/Essential Lemon Oil together with Laminaria and Lithothamnium, makes this cosmetic product an authentic concentrate of effectiveness with immediate result.

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