Ninfea Line

The mediterranean diet for your skin

Ninfea Face Line. Mediterranean Formula

Formulated to return brightness and energy to the skin, it is the cosmetic answer for who desires a face full of light and freshness. According to university studies which confirm the key role of the “anti-oxydants of Mediterranean origin”, the Florentia laboratories have created an extremely active complex.

Which actives make it so efficient?

  • Tomato Extract, Orange Juice, Aromatic plants extracts
  • Their undeniable antioxidant effectiveness moistures, increases functionality and confers new energy and balance to the skin

Florentia Cosmetics

Ninfea Face Line

Made in Italy

Mediterranean Formula. Skin protecting and improving


Cleansing Milk Brilliance

200 ml – 6,76 fl.oz

Soft emulsion for a feeling of pure wellness during cleansing. The contents of Orange Blossom Water and Vitamin C renders the product efficient and absolutely pleasant. For a bright and compact skin.

Flower and Fruit Juice

200 ml – 6,76 fl.oz

Marvelous concentrate of Mediterranean Oranges’ Juice and Orange Blossom Water. Tonifies, rebalances refreshes, giving relax and well-being. To be used after the Cleansing Milk and every time skin requires tone and freshness.

Energy Mask

15 ml – 0,50 fl.oz

Superb creamy mask with precious ingredients of Oligo-elements, Vitamin C and Calendula. An authentic energy booster for the skin restoring tone and moisture.

Vitamine Cream

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Cosmetic product with a precious vitaminic/antioxidant formula which restores skin’s power, moisture and balanced functionality. Rich of Vitamin E, Carrot Oil, Lycopene, its advanced “texture” combines lightness, absorbability and a soft and silky touch. Perfect also as a foundation base.

Oxygenating Cream

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Cream rich in prestigious actives which render it a carrier of energy and brilliance for the skin. The high percentage of Lycopene, powerful antioxidant agent contained in tomato and of Mediterranean Orange Juice assures a deep and long-lasting effect. Soft, but easily absorbing, leaves skin moistened and nourished.

Vitality Serum

30 ml – 1,01 fl.oz

Silky fluid high standard cosmetics which combines comfort with sure effectiveness.

The contents of Lycopene, Thyme, Oregano, Sage, Rosemary Extracts – all of them powerful Mediterranean antioxidants – create an innovative and absolutely prestigious synergy. The skin regains moisture, brightness and tone.

Face Exfoliating

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Creamy exfoliant with triple effect. A valid scrub effect due to the micro-granules of Olive Kernel, deeply exfoliating thanks to the correct percentage of Salicylic and Glycolic Acid which defers a “tensor effect”, too.   A relaxed, bright, deeply cleansed face is the result.

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