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Oligos Line. Cosmetic solutions for impure skins

Advanced cosmetics at the service of a common and complex aesthetic problem. The Florentia laboratories have created the synergy of Snail secretion / Ozonised Oil to treat impure skins tending to acne, using the restoring, exfoliating, sanitizing effects of these extraordinary actives.

A deep skin cleansing

Oligos. Cosmetic solutions for impure skins

Innovative synergy of actives, Ozonised Oil and Snail Secretion

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Oligos Face Line

Made in Italy

Cosmetic solutions for impure skins

From Florentia’s cosmetic research a new actives synergy has been created,
characterizing Oligos, the specific cosmetic range for impure skins tending to acne. The combined action between Snail secretion and Ozonised Oil obtains visible results.

It is essential to point out that Oligos is a cosmetic range: without Parabens | without OGM | without Petrolates | without Fragrances

What are its main actions?  Re-balance | Sanitization | Exfoliation


Impureness Cleanser

200 ml – 6,76 fl.oz

Cleansing emulsion rich of precious actives such as (Icelandic Lichen Extract, Aloe, Snail secretion, Borage Oil, Ozonised Oil, etc.) which exalt the importance of a correct cleansing especially in case of impure skins tending to acne. An authentic skin sanitizer which combats redness and has a rebalancing effect.

Renovate Extra Gel

30 ml – 1,01 fl.oz

Serum with a high concentration of Snail secretion (approx. l’80%) in synergy with Ozonised Oil. Its restorative, smoothing, sanitizing properties for really surprising effects are undeniable.

Purifying Tonic

200 ml – 6,76 fl.oz

Tonic formulated for the re-balance and sanitization of impure skins tending to acne. Tomato vegetation water and Icelandic Lichen Extract render it an extremely functional product.

Dermo-purifying Cream

50 ml – 1.69 fl.oz

Highly functional cream with a perfect “texture”. Its cosmetic mix combines the Snail secretion + Ozonised Oil properties. It permits an evident treatment and cosmetic preventive action. Absorbs quickly and completely. Perfect also as a make-up basis.

Metamorphosis Mask

50 ml – 1.69 fl.oz

Mask – mud with a strong absorbent action on sebaceous secretion. The content of Thyme extract, Snail secretion and Ozonised oil make this cosmetic precious and indispensable for an immediate cosmetic skin improvement.

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