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Maximum Anti Age

Beauty Method

Maximum Oxygene

Oxygen for your beauty

Maximum Globaleyes

Treatment focused on eyes

Maximum Antiage Face Line

More than a cosmetic product. Your method for Youth.

A kept promise; this high-level cosmetic line has a “core” of actives in synergy which definitely improve moisturization, nutrition and skin protection.

A formula that allows a real “lifting” and redensifying effect.

Lifting action

Redensifying action

Moisturizing/Antioxidant action

Florentia Cosmetics

Maximum Anti Age Face Line

made in italy

Restoring Day Cream

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

A silky cream with restructuring properties. Sweet Almond Oil and Karitè Butter, rich in oleic, linoleic acid and vitamins A and E, render the skin elastic and soft. It leaves no traces of oiliness and is perfect under makeup.

Restoring Night Cream

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

This cosmetic is formulated to increase skin elasticity and nutrition. The esters of Jojoba Oil Wax and the sterols and carotenoids of Calendula Extract promote a skin renewal. Vitamin C from Orange Extract increases the prevention of face aging.

Energolift Fluid

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

Cream with sophisticated “texture”, especially suitable for professional use. Acts deeply and improves skin functionality thanks to vitamins A, C, E, K   and the minerals contained in the Aloe and Cucumber Extracts. The presence of polysaccharides and enzymes ensures long-lasting results.

Hydro-Nourishing Mask

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

A creamy mask which restores tone and vitality to the skin. The carotenoids of Carrot Oil and Vitamin C from Carrot Oil and Vitamin C provide a complete and deep action, maintaining over time the results obtained. Even after a short application time its effectiveness is proved.

Activating Serum

125 ml – 4,23 fl.oz

Gel Serum with noticeable toning properties. The combined action of Rutin, Quercetin, Alphahederin from Ivy and Hypericum Extract render immediately visible the anti-aging effectiveness. After its application the skin is completely treated.

Gel Lift Eyes Lips

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

Gel cosmetic formulated to treat wrinkles and dehydration in the eye and lip area. The Mimosa Tenuiflora Extract long used in Mexican medicine to accelerate healing, restructures the skin thanks to its content in tannins, phytosterols, lipids, saponins. It gets absorbed immediately after application and the lifting effect is visible at once.

Stimulating Cleansing Milk

500 ml – 16,90 fl.oz

Cleanses and stimulates skin respecting its balance. Precious contents of saponins and flavonoids from Ruscus and Cornflower Extract.

Re-balancing Tonic

500 ml – 16,90 fl.oz

A real cosmetic product. Restores tone thanks to the contents of mineral salts and vitamins (C, K) from Cucumber Extract.  Soothes thanks to the action of hypericin, dianthraquinone of Hypericum Extract.  

Maximum Oxigene Face Line

Completes the Maximum line with two prestigious references aimed for skin oxygenation, moisturization and for prevention of dark stains.

The power of the synergy “Ozonised Oil + Whitening Complex” for a revitalized face and a bright and even complexion.

Re-vitalizing Cream

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

Multifunctional cream which combines the actions of stain prevention, skin re-balancing and the combating of aging signs. The tyrosinase inhibitor Cogic Acid has a proven effectiveness upon dark stains. Ozonised Oil, used in aesthetic medicine improves the functionality of blood micro-circulation. The vitamins of Aloe Extract have an evident restructuring power. The skin regains its regular complexion and energy.

ExtraHydro Serum

125 ml – 4,23 fl.oz

Moisturizing and brightening serum which induces a noticeable attenuation of dark stains and red skin.

The synergy of the actives guarantees the result:
Disaccharide with high moisturizing power which induces a noticeable attenuation of dark stains and redness.
Used in aesthetic medicine, improves the functionality of blood micro-circulation.
The vitamin content has an evident restructuring power.

Ideal for treatments combined with MAXIMUM OXIGENE Re-vitalizing Cream

Maximum Globaleyes Face Line

Complete treatment for the eyes’ beauty: puffiness, eyelids, dark circles… 

Cosmetic product of 95% natural origin, 50% biological.

Serum Puffiness / Eyelids

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Smooth, immediately absorbing cream-gel. The exclusive formula with high percentage of components of natural and biological origin, fully respects the delicate balance of the eye area. Actives with draining and elasticizing effect reduce puffiness and tonify the cutaneous structure of the eyelids. Glance regains brightness and freshness.

Serum Dark Circles

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Cosmetic product of elevated technical value and extremely pleasant utilization. Its formula with a high percentage of natural and biological ingredients, assure delicacy and tolerability to the sensitive eye area. The combination of flavonoids and matrikines visibly attenuates dark circles and tonifies the periocular skin. The marvelous natural and biological base plays an important role in the products’ effectiveness. The result is a more intense beauty of the glance.

Florentia Cosmetics

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