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Taking care of beauty means being aware that every face and every body speak a different language


Intensive Treatments DermoE

Advanced cosmetic products to prepare skin, soothe, normalize skin undergoing treatments with high-tech devices (Laser/Pulsed Light). Allow to operate in complete safety by respecting skin’s physiology. Every formula has been designed to obtain best results by using natural actives and biological ingredients. The conservation system is paraben-free and admitted also in cosmetic formulations with «Organic Certification».

Pulsed Light

Natural actives

Without Parabens

Organic Certification

Florentia Cosmetics

DermoE Face and Body Line

Made in Italy

The skin on the face and body regains ideal aesthetic features, well-being and energy; essential conditions for obtaining guaranteed effectiveness of the cosmetic treatments

Supersoothing Cream

500 ml – 16,90 fl.oz

Cosmetic product with strong soothing and moisturizing action. The Extracts of Aloe, Calendula and Blueberry, characterized by Vitamins, Carotenoids and Anthocyanins create a powerful synergy which ensures the immediate result. Ideal for cosmetic treatments with Pulsed Light / Laser, highly recommended for normalizing reddened and stressed skins.

Protects and improves skin

Advanced cosmetic products to prepare skin, for soothing and normalizing skin treated with high tech cosmetic machines (pulsed light / laser), but used in general when a deeply effective and at the same time delicate cosmetic action is required. Each formula has been accurately developed to obtain best results and using natural actives and biological ingredients. Body and face skin get restored, regain wellness and energy.

Guiding Gel

5000 ml – 169,07 fl.oz

Crystalline gel, essential for treatments with Pulsed Light / Laser. Provides freshness to the skin and allows absolute operating precision. The gel has an extremely accurate formulation. It must not contain actives as its action is operational and not functional. The preservative used acts in full compliance with the skin’s physiology.

Hydropurifying Solution

250 ml – 8,45 fl.oz

Particular Tonic with strong purifying, moisturizing, soothing action. The high content of Lichenina from Islandic Lichen, Vitamins from Aloe Extract and Flavonoids from Calendula and Chamomile form the “engine” of this techno-cosmetic. It should be added into all professional treatments for impure, acneic, reddened skins.

Intensive Protection Cream

125 ml – 4,23 fl.oz

Protective cream for sun exposure. Its base is rich in Oleic and Linoleic Acid which are characterizing for Almond Oil and in perfect synergy with the action of the sun filters. Indispensable for skin undergoing cosmetic treatment with Laser / Pulsed Light and ideal to protect all skins in the interaction with the sun. It is not simply a sun protection product, but a cosmetic product with a pleasant texture to be used even in winter to prevent skin from stains.


250 ml – 8,45 fl.oz

Very soothing gel thanks due to Hypericin dianthroquinone from Hypericum and the re-balancing action of Orange Flowers. Indispensable after cosmetic treatments with Laser / Pulsed Light on sensitive skins and a real solution whenever skin redness occurs. It should be applied in a thin layer and left for approximately 8 minutes.

Florentia Cosmetics

Exclusive Face and Body Lines

Made in Italy

For more than 40 years in the Professional Beauty Sector