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Slimming Effects Sinuosa

An exclusive product line developed from the experience Les Aromes, Sinuosa, the treatment with guaranteed slimming effect. Thanks to the characteristics of its components a progessive adiposity reduction is assured. A safe and effective method that puts the extraordinary properties of the natural elements at the service of beauty.

Particularly effective for professional thermal treatments

Essential to combine with home care (cosmetic products for use at home)

Florentia Cosmetics

Slimming Sinuosa

made in italy

Sinuosa Crio Cream

500+500 ml – 16,90+16,90 fl.oz

Developed for the treatment of localized and diffuse adiposities, it stimulates the skin structure thanks to the cold effect of Menthyl Lactate. The action of Escin, saponin from Horse Chestnut supports the reshaping. To be used with Sinuosa Thermo Cream in successive stages within the professional treatment. 

Sinuosa Thermo Cream

500+500 ml – 16,90+16,90 fl.oz

Reducing cosmetic product, aimed at the Adiposity beauty problem. Stimulates the fat deposits thanks to the rubefacient effect of Methyl Nicotinate. The action of the Escin, a saponin from Horse Chestnut supports the reshaping. Particularly recommended for abdomen, hips and gluteus.


5000 ml – 169,07 fl.oz

Cosmetic solution which combats redness and promotes a promotes proper skin function. To be used in wraps with cartene sheets/gauze after slimming massages. Leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Sinuosa Body Oil

500 ml – 16,90 fl.oz

Massage oil with high smoothness with excellent different properties: Emollient thanks to Wheat Germ. Nutritive thanks to Sweet Almonds. Draining thanks to Jojoba Oil.


Florentia Cosmetics

Esclusive Sinuosa Line

Sinuosa Line

An effective product line, tested in our Les Aromes laboratories.

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