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Taking care of beauty means being aware that every face and every body speak a different language

Impurity Treatment Oligos

Rediscover a face without impurities and acne marks means a significant improvement of one’s social life. OLIGOS is your solution, thanks to formulas rich of plant origin and professional treatments.

The combined action of Snail Secretion and Ozonized Oil obtains verifiable results and plays an indispensable role.




Without Parabens and OGM

Without Petrolatum

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made in italy

Impureness Cleanser

600 ml – 20,28 fl.oz

Skin cleanser developed for impure skins tending to acne. It boasts a collection of exceptional actives:
Islandic Lichen Extract, rich in Lichenina and soothing polysaccharides
Snail Secretion, vitaminic and balanced exfoliating
Ozonised Oil with well-known purifying effect
Upon impure, particularly reddened skins we suggest to softly apply the cleansing emulsion without massage: the effectiveness is ensured in any case.

Purifying Tonic

500 ml – 16,90 fl.oz

Purifying Tonic which takes advantage of the powerful synergy between Tomatine, contained in Tomato Extract and Lichenina from Islandic Lichen Extract. Indispensable for the professional treatment, essential for home treatments.

Renovate ExtraGel

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Serum in gel form whose synergy of Snail Secretion and Ozonised Sunflower Oil is calibrated to provide the maximum functionality to the cosmetic. Glycolic Acid, Vitamins (C, E) and Ozonides which create a physiologically exfoliating, restoring, moisturizing, purifying effect. A precious gel to be used always for getting a harmonic rebalance of the corneous layer, also for skins without impurities. 

Florentia Cosmetics

Exclusive Line Oligos

Dermo-purifying Cream

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

Cream with purifying, soothing and rebalancing effects.
Its effectiveness is due to:
> The content in vitamins and glycolic acid, feature of snail secretion.
> The ozonides from Sunflower Oil with powerful purifying and restructuring capacities which render this cosmetic effective also upon skin signs of acne.
> Hypericum Extract with well-known soothing effects.
The texture of this cream is highly compatible with the needs of impure skins. Leaves a sense of rediscovered well-being.

Metamorphosis Mask

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

Clay based cosmetic mud, enriched with Thyme Extract, a powerful antioxidant, Snail Secretion and Ozonised Sunflower Oil. Immediate purifying and absorbing effect. Once applied, let it dry, then rehydrate with water/Tonic and remove with water.

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An effective product line, tested in our Les Aromes laboratories

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Treatments Oligos Line

There is a great variety of treatments in the world of Professional Cosmetics .

Here you can find suggestions and technical indications for a certain and winning outcome with your clients.

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