Clamorose Line

Absolutely advanced cosmetic formula. Line developed for sensitive skins.

Combats redness, re-balances, moistures by leaving skin radiant and feeling comfortable. Among the raw materials in evidence the Olive Husk Extract with remarkable anti-oxidative properties, result of a Florentia Cosmetic’s exclusive research.

Combats blemishes caused by redness

The major actives that contribute to the effectiveness of the range:

  • Olive Husk Extract: created by Florentia. Rich in Maslinic Acid with specific action against cosmetic alteration due to redness and with undeniable antioxidant properties.
  • Blueberry Extract: This active is rich in anthocyanins with cosmetic re-balancing effects upon reddened skin.
  • Jojoba Oil: it has well-known nourishing and restoring effects

Florentia Cosmetics

Clamorose Face Line


Cleansing Emulsion

200 ml – 6,76 fl.oz

Soft and gentle emulsion for a re-balancing cleansing. Its rich formula boasts a unique pool of natural components. Unprecedented mix of Olive Husk Extract + Chamomile Extract with powerful antioxidant properties. A daily use protects the aesthetic balance of the skin.

Re-balancing Tonic

200 ml – 6,76 fl.oz

Tonifying solution with a high content of Blueberry Extract with well-known effects against redness. Restores immediate freshness and well-being to the skin. The pink/violet color is determined solely from dried Blueberry Extract.

Protective Cream

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Precious formula that combines several functions: protective /anti-oxidant due to the exclusive synergy of Olive Husk Extract + Jojoba Oil. Soothing/anti-redness thanks to the targeted action of Blueberry Extract + Vitamine E. Fresh and easily absorbing, renders skin smooth and gives immediate well-being.

Florentia Cosmetics

Clamorose Face Line

Renewed luminosity

Taking care of beauty means being aware that every face and every body speak a different language

Normalizing Cream

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Cosmetic product formulated to moisturize, nourish, soothe sensitive/damaged/reactive skins. Jojoba Oil confers a silky touch to the cream, while Blueberry Extract helps to re-balance skin functionality. Skin becomes elastic and compact.

Soothing Gel

30 ml – 1,01 fl.oz

Serum Gel with a precious concentration of actives. Olive Husk Extract and Blueberry Extract make it a real cosmetic elixir. Combats redness, re-balances, moisturizes, leaving skin radiant and dry.

Brightening Mask

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Creamy mask with a soothing action upon sensitive/reactive skin for regaining its comfort and harmony. Maslinic Acid and Anthocyanins render it precious and fully treating.

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