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Taking care of beauty means being aware that every face and every body speak a different language

Ninfea Line Mediterranean Formula

A face full of light and freshness? The cosmetic answer is the Ninfea Face Mediterranean Formula range, entirely Italian high-quality cosmetics.

Which actives render it so effective? Tomato extract, Orange Juice, extracts of Aromatic Plants: their undeniable antioxidant, moisturizing, energizing gives

Highly moisturizing

Energizing action upon skin functionality

Re-establishes balance and radiance

Florentia Cosmetics

Ninfea Face Line

made in italy

Characterizing for the product line is the precious sensoriality of the “texture” of the products…

Smooth emulsions which invoke well-being at the first touch are the base for precious actives completely in harmony with the skin.

Oxygenating Cream

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

This cream is characterized by a noticeable content of Lycopene, a carotenoid from tomatoes and Vitamin C. The refined “texture”, soft and easily absorbable at the same time renders it ideal for professional treatments and appreciated for home-care. The nourishing effect and the regained brightness are immediately visible.

Vitality Serum

125 ml – 4,23 fl.oz

The combination of Lycopene and Sage Extract, whose antioxidant ability is confirmed by university research studies, renders this serum a source of hydration, brightness and tone. Easy and fast application. An ideal product also for impure and oily skins.

Face Exfoliating Tensor Effect

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

A creamy cosmetic for a mechanical exfoliation thanks to the micro-granules from Olive kernel and in-deep thanks to the content of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids. These last are known for their acceleration of the skin-turnover, giving a result also upon skin aging.

Vitamine Cream

100 ml – 3,38 fl.oz

A cream with precious actives: Carrot Oil, Lycopene, Vitamin E and Aloe Extract. The synergic effect of vitamins, enzymes, polysaccharides, minerals give rise to an antioxidant and rebalancing action. Created to fit all skin types, it is a real multi-purpose product, perfect also under make-up. Leaves skin moisturized and well-toned.

Cleansing Milk Brilliance

600 ml – 20,28 fl.oz

Cosmetic product for an effective and technically refined cleansing. The content of Nerol, monoterpene alcohol from Orange Flowers combined with Carrot Oil rich in beta-carotene allows to stimulate the skin which regains his energy. A fluid milk, very comfortable and fast in use.

Flower and Fruit Juice

500 ml – 16,90 fl.oz

This Tonic is characterized by a high vitamin content thanks due Vitamin C and Aloe Extract. In addition to the use in the cleansing phase it is indicated when an energy booster for “tired” skins is required.

Energy Mask

15 ml – 0,50 fl.oz

Creamy Mask aimed at the recovery of skin tone and moisture. Contains Calendula Oil, rich in Carotenoids and Flavonoids, Vitamin C and Hypericum Extract. Interesting the Rutin, contained in Hypericum known in phytotherapy for the re-balancing effect upon the blood micro-circulation. Excellent results also with short application time.

Ninfea Mediterranean Face Line

An effective product line, tested in our Les Aromes laboratories

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