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Essential Oils and Professional Beauty

The Essential Oils are among the most effective actives which can be used in beauty treatments: their multiple virtues render them precious, versatile and ensure reliable results for all blemishes.

Ability to actively interact with the cutaneous structure, even in case of complex “beauty issues”

Positive effect by smelling only

Natural sanitizing action

Qualified anti-pollution activity

These are only a few of the features which render them unique!

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Linea Aroma Lipo

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AromaChiaro Lipo

Synergy of essential oils to fully treat sensitive skin tending to redness. The Chamomile essential oil, rich in Azulene its anti-inflammatory and healing properties have been thoroughly studied and confirmed allows a noticeable action upon blemishes caused by defective functionality of the micro-circulation. The mix of actives is completed by Cypress and Calendula essential oils which increase the re-balancing effect of this outstanding cosmetic.

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

Natural Essential Oils

The key point is the controlling of the essential oils used which are vegetable, natural, 100% pure and from carefully selected Italian/European plantations.

Producing with synthetic or not pure Essential Oils leads to poor safety and results.

AromaTono Lipo

Mix of essential oils for skin-tonifying treatments. The presence of Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils characterized by the content of Menthol and Eucalyptol restore compactness and elasticity to the skin. The synergy is completed by Rosemary essential oil rich in borneols and long-time anti-aging.

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz


Regenerates the Skin

AromaPuro Lipo

Mix of essential oils for the treatment of blemishes linked to impure skin tending to acne. The Lavender essential oil rich in Coumarin combats sebum overproduction. The Tea Tree Oil, characterized among others by Pinene, achieves its well-known sanitizing power.

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

AromaLindo Lipo

Specific synergy for the treatment of impure and stained skin. The combined action of the essential oils of Sage, Mint and Clove with high content in Eugenol, has re-balancing effect upon impurities and mitigates dark stains.

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

AromaCell Lipo

The synergy effect of the essential oils of Thyme, Nutmeg and Caraway, characterized by Thymol, Camphene and Carvone gives rise to a balanced heat stimulating action which treats adiposities and cellulite deposits thoroughly.

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

AromaLift Lipo

Synergy of Bitter Orange, Basil, Valerian essential oils containing Nerol, Oxime, Valeranon. It is a high-performing techno-cosmetic for the aesthetic treatment of expression wrinkles and contractures caused by excessive nervous tension.

50 ml – 1,69 fl.ozz

More Results

Creating a blend that generates maximum effectiveness includes, in addition to experience, a deep knowledge and absolute strictness in the choice of the ingredients.

AromaDren Lipo

Mix of essential oils for the treatment of soaked tissues. The content of Marjoram, Lemon Balm and Geranium rich in Geraniol and Camphor makes it perfect for the cosmetic normalization in case of retention and spongy body areas.

50 ml – 1,69 fl.oz

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