Les Aromes

The story begins

The company is founded

Les Aromes has been founded in 1976 from an innovative idea of Ivano Pata who bases his “cosmetic philosophy” upon nature and her derivatives in a period when nearly everyone believed in synthetic products.

Ivano Pata

The Philosophy

But Les Aromes never only meant research, development and production: the Les Aromes method, an application philosophy beginning from the cosmetic check-up until the treatment of the beauty problem, has been created, too.

The Les Aromes Method

The Les Aromes Method has been originated in cooperation with two big experts like Prof. Maccesi, chemist and university rector and Prof. Miranda, dermatologist and surgeon. It has enriched the beauty operators’ knowledge, professionality and consciousness about the use of cosmetic preparations, being updated over time.

The Synergies

The synergies of the essential oils had been born, formulated under the advice of the famous cosmetologist Prof. Rovesti and produced exclusively in the company owned laboratories. The results obtained with these preparations provide value and credibility to the professional beauty sector and made things moving. Soon Creams, Gels, Masks containing precious plant extracts, accurately selected and formulated in the company’s laboratories, had been added to the aroma cosmetics.

The Market

Starting from Italy, Les Aromes has expanded her market abroad, collecting big success. In 2007 Les Aromes merged with Florentia Cosmetics, under the leadership of Fiorenza Amelio and had been given new impulse, enabling the expansion of the foreign market and rendering the production still more innovative for a real MADE IN ITALY.

Fiorenza Amelio


Florentia Cosmetics – Imperia