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In this section, reserved and dedicated exclusively to professional beauty operators, you can find the training tools and products for your beauty salon. In line with the mission of Florentia Cosmetics which offers highly costumized products, treatments and services, our first target is the achievement of cosmetic results.

Florentia Cosmetics

Face and Body Lines

Made in Italy

These lines of high quality cosmetics are the greatest ally for the professionality of every beautician.

Florentia Cosmetics

Exclusive Face Lines

Clamorose Line

Advanced cosmetic formula

Line developed for sensitive skins. Combats redness, re-balances, moistures by leaving skin radiant and feeling comfortable. Among the raw materials in evidence the Olive Husk Extract with remarkable anti-oxidative properties, result of a Florentia Cosmetic’s exclusive research.

Maximum Line

Your Beauty Method

A kept promise; this high-level cosmetic line has a “core” of actives in synergy which definitely improve moisturization, nutrition and skin protection. A formula that allows a real “lifting” and redensifying effect.

Ninfea FM Face Line

Mediterranean Formula

The Mediterranean diet for your skin. A face full of light and freshness? The cosmetic answer is the Ninfea Face Mediterranean Formula range, entirely Italian high-quality cosmetics. Which actives render it …

Oligos Line

Specific for impure skins

From a cosmetic research by Florentia a new synergy of actives, characterizing Oligos, a cosmetic line specific for impure skins tending to acne. The combined action of Snail Secretion and …

Dermo E Line

Intensive Treatments

Advanced cosmetic products to prepare skin, soothe, normalize skin undergoing treatments with high-tech devices (Laser/Pulsed Light). Allow to operate in complete safety under respect…

Florentia Cosmetics

Exclusive Body Lines

For more than 40 years in the Professional Beauty Sector

Taking care of beauty means being aware that every face and every body speak a different language

Mythica Line

Reduces and Tonifies

A body care line developed for the treatment of the main beauty problems – adiposity, cellulite, skin sagging – in a complete way with high quality cosmetic products. The core of the formulations is a marvelous mix of actives …

Mythica Oxigene Line

Oygen makes you lean

Marvelous cosmetic range characterized by the exclusive synergy of ozonized oil and staminal plant cells. Ideal for the cosmetic treatment of cellulite and adiposity, deep reducing, oxygenizing, …

Ninfea Body FM

From the principles of Halotherapy Florentia has created the Aromatic Halocosmetics® which combines Fleur de Sel, Essential oils, Algae, all from the Mediterranean area …

Sinuosa Line

Slimming Treatment

An exclusive product line Les Aromes, Sinuosa is a treatment which boasts sure slimming effects. Thanks to the actives contained, it guarantees a progressive …

Dermo E Line

Cosmetic products for intensive treatments

Advanced cosmetic products to prepare skin, for soothing and normalizing skin treated with high tech cosmetic machines (pulsed light / laser). Permit to operate in complete safety by respecting skin’s physiology …

Florentia Cosmetics

Exclusive Face and Body Lines

Made in Italy

Natural cosmetics and custom-made professional beauty treatments for face and body in our laboratories in Imperia