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Ninfea Body Mediterranean Formula

From HALOTHERAPY, FLORENTIA COSMETICS creates HALOCOSMETICS ® AROMATIC which combines Fleur de Sel ,Essential oils , Seaweeds …..all coming from the Mediterranean Sea.

Fleur de Sel comes from Trapani and Marsala Salines and it is the most precious part of sea salt. Saltworkers collect this delicate “white gold” which is very rich of magnesium, potassium, calcium, fluorine and it is a real concentrated of actives!

The synergy of these powerful actives leads to highly effective cosmetic products for treatments to combat:

- Excess liquids
- Cellulitis
and favour:
- Reshaping
- Cutaneous Detoxification

Why is it so efficient?
A synergy of absolutely functional components:

ESSENTIAL OILS. Essential oils are powerful elements which have an elevated capacity to  penetrate into the cutaneous structure due to their minor molecular weight.

ALGAE. Algae (Seaweed) are among the most interesting actives for the metabolic stimulation and especially for increasing the drainage of excess liquids.

SALT. The properties of salt as antibacterial, immune defense stimulator, remineralizer and powerful drainer have been rediscovered, but are known since ancient times.

Fleur de Sel is the highest expression of these characteristics.
Ninfea Body Mediterranean Formula
SaleGel Plus

Concentrated gel, extremely effective for soaked tissues tending to cellulite. The new complex of actives including Fleur de Sel, Centella extract, Butcher’s broom extract, cyclodextrin and specific molecule of sea origin contribute to the filtering of body tissues, reducing excess liquids.  

The contents of particular enzymes renders this product suitable also for advanced stages of cellulite.

Absorbs quickly, pleasant and easy to use.


How to use (professional):     Apply upon the relevant areas following the professional treatment instructions Les Aromes/Florentia


Rich gel complex with elevate functional capacity due to the interaction between Fleur de Sel, algae, escin, Centella and Butcher’s broom extract.

The result is a wonderful cosmetic product for spongy tissues with excess liquids and cellulite of all stages.

Ideal for shaping and draining treatments.

How to use:
Apply and massage until absorbed. Follow the professional treatment instructions Les Aromes/Florentia.

Salessenza Dren  (Watersoluble)
The inedited mix of Fleur de Sel and pure essential oils renders unique this synergy which favours the elimination of stagnating liquids. Aimed for cosmetic treatment of soaked and spongy tissues tending to cellulite.

How to use:
Follow the professional treatment instructions Les Aromes/Florentia

Salmassage Olio
Rich cocktail of precious natural oils with elevated vitaminic contents and both draining properties of Fleur de Sel and the anti-oxydating power of Sage Extract. A precious professional cosmetic product for the treatment of soaked tissues with excess liquids.

Extraordinary “Salt and Sea fomentation pack”:The action of Laminaria and Lithothamnium, together with purest essential oils and Fleur de Sel make this cosmetic product an authentic concentrate of effectiveness.Combats cellulite and excess liquids esthetically.

How To Use:(professional)
Apply a light layer, wrap the person into a plastic foil and then in a thermic blanket. Keep for approx. 20 minutes and take a shower or remove residuals with wet sponges. Finish with Salmassage Olio.

How To Use:(final costumer)

1. Apply ALGASALE with a light massage in a regular coat upon the relevant areas.                                             
2. Get wrapped into plastic film for kitchen use: this permits free moving without inconvenience. Keep for 40 minutes and remove with lukewarm water.

3. Finish applying SALEGEL PLUS



Purest Sea Water, filtered, purified and captured from unpolluted areas of the Mediterranean Sea. Enriched by Fleur de Sel to increase the already abundant quantity of minerals and trace elements, creating a cosmetic water with extreme draining and mineralizing power.

Principle Actives:


Fleur de Sel:

A draining effect due to osmotic action

B stimulating due to trace elements and minerals contained (Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, etc…)


Sea Water:

Immediate anti-swelling, tonifying, energizing effect.


Note: Marvellous preparation also for anti-fatigue wrappings

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